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The long awaited and highly anticipated "Boogie-Man" cylinder heads are now available. This is the next step in the "Boogie-Man" line. Using an American made casting, cnc machining, and a top of the line seat and guide machine, we have the absolute best cylinder head for a high performance 472 or 500 Cadillac on the market today. They have 70cc combustion chambers (adds about 1/2 a point of CR over 76cc iron heads), and include 2.25"/ 1.8" valves (the same high-grade stainless steel and production methods used for our iron head valves). These heads have been used on numerous applications from daily drivers to full race applications, and they weigh in at 32 lbs. (vs. the stock iron head's average weight of 62 lbs.) per head.

The unique high velocity port design allows for some truly impressive flow numbers at high and low valve lifts. Out of the box these heads are flowing a 'head turning' 402 cfm, while still allowing strong low lift flow as well. They come standard with a multi-angle valve job. The most unique thing about these cylinder heads is the raised and extended ports, that will still allow a stock intake to bolt up. We spend countless man hours to get this part right. Even though we have produced a part capable of extreme high performance, we wanted it to be useful on almost any application. Note- this will raise the intake about one inch, which means even a stock intake, with these heads, will not fit under a flat Eldo hood, or any other application where the stock heads and the intake you are using leave you with less than an inch to spare. The exhaust ports have also been raised, as well as the flange being redesigned to use more bolts for a better seal. Laser-cut header flanges are available as well as headers with the new three bolt flange. We recently added the two bolt pattern for those who already had headers.