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**Please Call For Pricing & Ordering**Please allow time to be built to specs *

RPM range: 1,000 - 4,500 / Advertised duration range: 258-266* / Duration @ .050” range: 214* / Valve lift range: .487 - 502.


The CHP #5-ez Performance + Cam is an excellent "drop in" choice to replace any year of the 472/500 stock cams.   The #5-ez grind is a technologicaly enhanced version of the “Hottest” cam used by Cadillac in their production engines. The 1973 Cad engines were equipped with a stock cam that had specs in this range, and CHP' improvements just make it much better.  These cams run more lift and duration than the 1968-72 and 1974-79 original cams. Stock-type idle with improved economy and a solid performance gain over the stock camshaft. Works excellent with the stock TH400 transmission shift points. Just leave it in drive, smash the gas, and let the tranny shift by itself. Peak cruise RPM for efficiency is 2,200-2,500.