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**Please Call for Pricing & Ordering**Please allow time to be built to specs *

RPM range: 2,000 - 6,000 / Advertised duration range: 298* + / Duration @ .050” range: 240* +  / Valve lift range: .560-580”.


If you’re considering the CHP Street / Strip Cam, you need to be serious about wanting race-level torque and horsepower. The CHP Street / Street Cam requires forged “H” beam steel connecting rods, and CHP rocker assemblies.  The use of our S/S/C valve springs and high performance CNC ported iron heads or ported CHP Aluminum Heads are also needed to facilitate the power of this cam. Use of a 3.50 - 3.73 or higher (numerically) rear gear is recommended. At this level of performance, you and CHP should work together to discuss the proper setup and cam info sheet for best results.  While this cam has the proven performance for the race track, street use is also not an issue as there is also plenty of vacuum to run power brakes.   This cam rocks!