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472/500 CHP Grade 9 Head Bolt Kit.

Unless we're building a high performance (550hp or above) motor at CHP, when given the choice of bolts or studs, we always use head bolts. Our 20+ years of Caddy experience has taught us this valuable lesson. There is nothing more frustrating, or and easier way to hurt yourself, than trying to lift a 75 lbs head up over a set of head studs. Backs, fingers, (toes if you drop it) are all at risk in attempting to lift a head up onto the already in place studs. NOT to mention, the possibility of damaging the heads or valves by scraping them up on the stud posts.

Plain and simple, it's just easier to set a head on the motor, and then insert the bolts. On 95% of 472/500 applications, (other than the high performance racing engines mentioned above), CHP head bolt kits work just as well, if not better than studs.

Each CHP bolt kit comes complete with all 20 pieces needed to mount both sets of heads.

(2) CHP Head Bolt- Grade 9- Short

(10) CHP Head Bolt- Grade 9- Medium

(8) CHP Head Bolt- Grade 9- Long

Purchased individually, these bolts cost $185+, you save over 25% by purchasing the complete kit.